Fare Nashville

Fare Nashville is an overarching plan to address gaps in Nashville's food system. The ultimate goal is to make our food system equitably accessible and affordable. This project encompasses Fare4All, Fare Fight, The Phila Awards, Produce Isle, and Music City Gardens.

The Nashville Card

The Nashville Card is a membership card, municipal ID, and discounts club all rolled into one. The central purpose of the project is to break down barriers and create an inclusive community for those on the fringes while also boosting Nashville's tourism and hospitality industries.

 Road Gauge

Road Gauge is a simple concept where a basic monitoring device is placed in city-owned vehicles such as buses, police cars, public works trucks, etc. The device tracks the quality of each vehicle's ride and submits the data to one repository that coalesces the information and reports on road conditions in real time. Therefore, it's easy for governments to quickly identify problem areas and address them.

Current Projects

Any project that is in progress will appear on this page.

Currently, Sow Good has three major projects.

Plus, we have a project on the back-burner just waiting for Jason Isbell. So, if you know him or are him, please let him/you know that we are actively trying to reach out.